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  1. General Questions


    Schwarzkopf Igora Highlifting

    I recently bought a tube of Schwarzkopf Igora 12-1 Special Blonde Cendre, thinking that it will be a silvery colour as with the other -1 coloursHowever, when I checked the swatch online afterwards, I realised 12-1 is more of a blonde colour and found ... Read more

  2. Products and Techniques


    New Schwarzkopf Igora Permanent Dye!

    ... s hair today with Schwarzkopf’s Igora Royal dye. (she’s a … dyes on my hair, and igora royal was my favorite permanent … dyes on my hair, and igora royal was my favorite permanent … @katox I … Read more

  3. Products and Techniques


    Question About Igora Schwarzkoph Hair Neutralizer (Anti-Orange)

    Hi I dyed my hair with Schwarzkoph igora shade 7 and my roots turned out slightly copper/orange. Igora schwarzkoph have a purple neutralizer (anti-orange) colour which should be mixed in with the … Read more

  4. Products and Techniques


    Schwarskoph Igora Royal Metallxx & Candy Dandy Lines

    I have a friend who is getting her hair colored an unnatural color for the first time, and her hair stylist is going to use a couple of purple colors from the Schwarskoph Metallxx line. I have never heard of it so I went to look it up and the Metallxx ... Read more

  5. Going White/Silver

    Dyeing Techniques


    Going White/Silver

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  6. Another failed silver dye job

    General Questions


    Another Failed Silver Dye Job

    ... to mix my own silver dye according to the Going White/Silver article in this site. I mixed the developer with 6 parts of igora royal 9.5-1 platinum blonde cendre and 1 part of 0-22 anti-orange concentrate. But my tube of anti-orange concentrate is ... Read more

  7. General Questions


    Getting Black Semi-Permanent Out

    ... dyed my hair black. I used an semi-perm chemical dye called Igora Vibrance by Schwarzkopf. it’s been a while since I used it ... must depend on the brand. I haven’t used that type of Igora before so can’t offer specific advice. Last time I bleached black … Read more

  8. General Questions


    Silver Hair Help!!

    Hi Im currently in the process of dyeing my bfs brown hair to silver. So far it has had 40vol bleach, toned using Schwarzkopf igora platinum, and bleached again on 20 vol twice. And silver shampoo is being used by the gallon. And still it is yellow. ... Read more

  9. Products and Techniques


    Going Platinum- Ash Blonde From Brown

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  10. Products and Techniques


    Going White/Silver Question

    ... a darker pewter (rather than light silvery) was 2 parts platinum, 1 part light ash blond and 1 cm of blue concentrate (all Igora Royal).The followup questions asked: which platinum??? There are about 8? platinums to choose from. Can anyone help me please? ... Read more